Field Notes: Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi routing

Tsukuba, Japan, 2004 I just arrived at my hotel. I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I’ve been offline for over 20 hours. Deep in the bottom of my bag lies an SMC “pocket” router about the size of two packs of smokes. I jack-in and power-up the router. I’m online. I leave my laptop on the [...]

Post Pi Day Post

Well, Pi Day has come and gone, so what’s left for a Pi nerd to look forward to? Tau Day? Heresy! That other Pi Day, July 22nd (22/7)? Pa-lease. Accept the fact that it’s OK to talk about Pi when it’s not Pi Day? Sure, why not? A random thought caught my attention after I [...]

NYC's Last Great Arcade

It was the week of October 31th 2010 and I found myself working in NJ.  Fortunately, I was only a short train ride away from Manhattan where my kid lives as a student at NYU. I often visit my kid when in town and my kid always finds interesting things for us to do, and [...]

Raw Beef

L’Atelier du Marché 4 Rue Saussier Leroy 75017 Paris, France 01 42 27 73 50 It was a cold winter evening.  We just arrived in Paris via train from Montpellier–I was cold and hungry.  After a long taxi ride to our hotel, and a quick check-in, my colleagues and I set off to L’Atelier du [...]