iPad 2 0-day with review

Friday 5 AM local time I woke up, made tea, and rushed off to my home office.  My first conference call was at 5:30 AM–it was going to be a long day.  On my desk, in front of my keyboard, was an orange post-it note reminding me, that of all the things I had to [...]

OS/X tips for the lost, stolen, or broken

Backup, BACKUP, BACKUP!!! In all three cases your first line of defense is a good backup.  If you do not have multiple backups then you are an idiot and deserve to lose your data.  You obviously don’t need it. I use Time Machine for my local backup and BackBlaze for my off-site backup. However both [...]

Quick Tip: DVD screen capture with OS/X

My screen is my business. Or so I thought. The Problem: Apparently you cannot use any of the standard OS/X screen capture apps, command line tools, or hot keys to capture a frame from a DVD using iDVD. As illustrated, you just get the dreaded checkerboard of no content. The Solution: Don’t use iDVD. Use [...]