Post Pi Day Post

Well, Pi Day has come and gone, so what’s left for a Pi nerd to look forward to? Tau Day? Heresy! That other Pi Day, July 22nd (22/7)? Pa-lease. Accept the fact that it’s OK to talk about Pi when it’s not Pi Day? Sure, why not? A random thought caught my attention after I [...]

BBS: Get your retro on!

Note: certain names have been changed to protect the guilty. 1984 Beep, beep. I looked out the window. It was Cookie Monster in his cherry red Isuzu Impulse (girl car :-). I grabbed my jacket off the kitchen table, flipped off the lights, and locked up behind me–it was going to be a long night. [...]

Pi Day Rematch: Apple II vs. HP-41C

Yes, the thought of two vintage computing devices battling as digital gladiators in a cage match to the death under the watchful eye of our supercomputer overlord, the HAL 9000, is amusing at best. But this is Pi Day, and what better way to celebrate than with silicon blood. Who knows, perhaps this did happen [...]

Finally, Apple II and IIgs warez on your iPad

Updated: October 16 2011 See updates at the end. Running 1985 Code on a 2010 Device I had an awesome childhood; a big part of that was computers, specifically my Apple II+.  Ah, the memories… Sadly I do not have my original Apple II+ (clone). Nor do I recall the name of the manufacture. C’est [...]