Field Notes: Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi routing

Tsukuba, Japan, 2004 I just arrived at my hotel. I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I’ve been offline for over 20 hours. Deep in the bottom of my bag lies an SMC “pocket” router about the size of two packs of smokes. I jack-in and power-up the router. I’m online. I leave my laptop on the [...]

OS/X tips for the lost, stolen, or broken

Backup, BACKUP, BACKUP!!! In all three cases your first line of defense is a good backup.  If you do not have multiple backups then you are an idiot and deserve to lose your data.  You obviously don’t need it. I use Time Machine for my local backup and BackBlaze for my off-site backup. However both [...]

A few OS/X apps to save & make time

Jumpcut “Jumpcut is an application that provides “clipboard buffering” — that is, access to text that you’ve cut or copied, even if you’ve subsequently cut or copied something else. The goal of Jumpcut’s interface is to provide quick, natural, intuitive access to your clipboard’s history.” — Jumpcut website Jumpcut is a huge time saver for [...]

Quick Tip: DVD screen capture with OS/X

My screen is my business. Or so I thought. The Problem: Apparently you cannot use any of the standard OS/X screen capture apps, command line tools, or hot keys to capture a frame from a DVD using iDVD. As illustrated, you just get the dreaded checkerboard of no content. The Solution: Don’t use iDVD. Use [...]

Apple TV, sure, why not?

History Rewind to 1990. I have never been a big fan of watching TV.  Not even as a child.  Sure, I watched the occasional show, but I didn’t rearrange my life around a TV schedule.  I didn’t even own a TV when I met my wife.  I preferred to read books and go out to [...]