BBS: Get your retro on!

Note: certain names have been changed to protect the guilty. 1984 Beep, beep. I looked out the window. It was Cookie Monster in his cherry red Isuzu Impulse (girl car :-). I grabbed my jacket off the kitchen table, flipped off the lights, and locked up behind me–it was going to be a long night. [...]

Finally, Apple II and IIgs warez on your iPad

Updated: October 16 2011 See updates at the end. Running 1985 Code on a 2010 Device I had an awesome childhood; a big part of that was computers, specifically my Apple II+.  Ah, the memories… Sadly I do not have my original Apple II+ (clone). Nor do I recall the name of the manufacture. C’est [...]

NYC's Last Great Arcade

It was the week of October 31th 2010 and I found myself working in NJ.  Fortunately, I was only a short train ride away from Manhattan where my kid lives as a student at NYU. I often visit my kid when in town and my kid always finds interesting things for us to do, and [...]